Cullinary tours

Travel “for taste” is a unique form of tourism, which in recent decades won special recognition in the world. Regional dishes and drinks are becoming not only a tasty addition to your travel impressions but the purpose of the trip itself. We cannot deny that good, beautifully presented food is something that appeals to everyone, regardless of age, gender or nationality. And finally, what is most important – cookery is the only field that appeals to all the five human senses. The desire to gain culinary knowledge and experience makes the tourists not only to visit the “festival of flavors”, fairs and harvest festivals. From the passive observer and consumer they become a member of the culinary adventure participating in a different culinary workshops.
The traditional Polish cuisine combines the old Polish recipes with refined tastes introduced to Poland centuries ago by the French court, the flavours of the Lithuanian forests, sweet aroma of Jewish Sabbath dishes and the rare taste of Tartare cuisine. In Poland regional cuisine differ between regions – simple or refined, delicate or fatty, spicy or mellow. But it makes the unique taste of Polish specialities which are well known in the world and recognized for its natural, fresh products and local ingredient ( honey, horse-radish, dried mushrooms and fruit. We need to mension old-Polish hospitality- any guest can leave the Polish home hungry!
Well known Polish dishes are : sour soup zurek, red borsch with small dumplings, pierogi ( dumplings stuffed with meat, cabbage-mushrooms or cottage cheese and potatoes), kotlet schabowy ( pork cutlet), golabki ( cabbage leaves stuffed with meat), duck roasted with apples, bigos ( cabbage stewed with meat, plums and herbs), kwasnica ( sauercraut soup with smoked ribs ), pierniki ( ginger bread), makowiec ( poppy-seed cake), kremowka ( Pope‘s cream cake).

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