The concept of “Wellness” comes from England and before the 18th c. it has been used as a synonym for health and well-being. Wellness is also considered to be striving to get the body, mental and spiritual balance by using revitalizing and relaxing means and methods. At the same time Wellness focus on the own health, attention and pamper of senses, relaxation and combating stress.

SPA – Sanus per aquam (= health through water)

At the beginning SPA equipment was the Wellness equipment which basically was associated with water. Today you can meet SPA salons which are linked to the concepts of highest quality wellness and offer guests special equipment and specialization on the water treatment.

Poland is rich of mineral resources which can be used in health treatment : resources of mineral waters with medicinal properties, brines and peloid deposits of various mineral compositions, natural microclimates and graduation towers with salt springs to be used for climatotherapy. Combined with the beautiful landscapes, tourists attractions and unique atmosphere of a small Polish town-resorts they give the opportunity to offer health-related tourism to the guests from Poland and all over the world.

For years sanatoriums in Ciechocinek, Krynica Zdroj, Naleczow, Wieliczka have been recognized among the best-known Polish health resorts offering traditional health treatment ( balneotherapy, hydrotherapy, thalassotherapy, climatotherapy etc)

Nowadays besides traditional sanatoriums, we have in Poland many modern hotels that offer wellness and SPA facilities at the highest level. Most of them have a standard of 4-5 stars and include in their offer all kinds of modern therapy: light therapy treatment ( natural, infrared, ultraviolet, laser light ), ultrasound therapy, phonophoresis , herbal medicine, ayurvedic medicine, diet programs, renewal therapy, cosmetic medicine.

So come to Poland for health and beauty !



Locomotory system disorders, skin diseases, circulatory system disorders, rheumatic diseases.

Busko is situated in the picturesque Nida River valley near the Swietokrzyskie Mountains. The Marconi spa is located in a 19th century building with all modern therapeutic facilities, surrounded by a beautiful large park. The spa has been operating since 1836 and enjoys an excellent reputation in Poland and abroad. The climate is mild and stimulating.


Locomotory system disorders, circulatory and respiratory system disorders, rheumatic diseases.
Ciechocinek lies in the Vistula River Valley near Torun. Its spas have been operating since the early 19th century. Graduation towers (twig structures from which brine evaporates, emitting healthy vapours) transform local conditions into a marine climate. The health resort has lots of parks and gardens. Lowland climate. Dom Zdrojowy spa is for individual tourists, with medical facilities on the spot. Pomorzanka spa is for groups, with medical facilities 100 m away. Chemik spa is for individual tourists. Amazonka boarding house is for individual tourists, with medical facilities 900 m away. Unlimited period of stay.


Locomotory system disorders, rheumatic diseases, urinary tract diseases, children’s diseases: locomotory system disorders, rheumatic problems.
This is the oldest spa situated at the foot of the Sudety Mountains, near Jelenia Gora, and today has all modern medical equipment. Cieplice has been famous for its warm springs since the 16th century. It has many interesting historical monuments and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. Sub-highland climate.


Locomotory system disorders, rheumatic diseases, digestive and respiratory system disorders.
This is one of the oldest spas in Poland. It is situated in a Beskidy Mountains valley, in a 200-hectare park. The town of Krosno as well as many open-air and regular museums are located nearby. Highland climate.


Disorders of the respiratory tract and circulatory system, locomotory system disorders, rheumatic diseases, endocrinology secretion disorders and disorders of the metabolic system.
The famous health resort and holiday centre is situated on the Baltic Sea coast, called “Riviera of the North”. Maritime promenade, sandy beach, merchant and fishing harbour nearby. Marine climate.


Digestive system disorders, urinary tract and circulatory system diseases, endocrine secretion and metabolic system disorders, gynecological diseases.
The exceptionally beautiful Pearl of Polish Spas is situated in the Beskidy Mountains, near the Polish-Slovakian border. Highland climate.


Rheumatic diseases, locomotory system disorders, skin diseases, circulatory system diseases.
This town, with a tradition going back to the late 16th century, lies in the valley of the Sudety Mountains. German Emperor Wilhelm III, a Russian tsar and the great German poet Goethe were among those treated at the spa. Highland climate.


Circulatory system disorders (coronary system).
The town lies in the beautiful upland near Lublin. The spa (in the Malachowski Palace) lies in a large, old and well-kept park with a big pond. The whole area is covered with forest. The Cardiology Hospital is also a spa. Lowland climate.


Circulatory and digestive system disorders.
Polanica lies in the western part of the Klodzko Basin, in the Bystrzyca River valley, surrounded by forested mountain slopes. The spa lies in a lovely park with many avenues lined with old trees, decorative shrubs and flower beds. The qualities of its mineral springs, the mild climate and beautiful location have made Polanica one of the most popular spas in Europe. The mineral springs were used for therapeutic purposes in the 19th century, but the spa’s real development began in 1908.


Respiratory system disorders, asthma.
The town is situated in the Pieniny Mountains, in the Dunajec River valley. The spas are located on forest-covered mountain slopes. Nowy Sacz and Nowy Targ are nearby. Highland climate.


Locomotory system disorders, rheumatic diseases, gynecological diseases, circulatory system diseases, nervous system disorders.
Swieradow lies in the Izerskie Mountains on the Kwisa River. The spa’s history goes back to the 19th century. It is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, and Jelenia Gora is nearby. Highland climate.


Respiratory, circulatory, endocrine and metabolic disorders, rheumatic diseases, skin diseases.
The town is one of the most popular spas and holiday resorts on the western Baltic coast (Szczecin area), situated on the islands of Uznam and Wolin at the mouth of the Swina River. Large deposits of therapeutic mud, numerous saline springs and a good climate provide very good conditions for treatment of various diseases.


Respiratory system disorders, bronchial asthma (irrespective of clinic stage) both allergic and infectious, chronic bronchitis, allergic catarrh.
This is a small town lying 13 km from Krakow, on the edge of the Carpathian Plateau. The first records of salt mining in Wieliczka date from the 11th century. The town’s most valuable and also greatest tourist attraction, on a world-wide scale, is the salt mine that has been in operation for more than 1000 years. The parts of the mine that are no longer in operation have been an object of interest since the 18th century. Visitors are taken down into a truly enchanted world.

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