Pilgrimage tours

Poland is considered a country of religious tolerance – it has never been a place of religious wars. Although the majority of Poles are Roman Catholics during ages they have shared their country peacefully with other religions. Protestants, Jews and Orthodox contributed their share to the Polish culture.
Nowadays Poland is one of the most important and most common visited pilgrimage destinations in Europe.
Czestochowa with Black Madonna Shrine, Wadowice where Polish pope was born, Lagiewniki – the Divine Mercy Sanctuary, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska- sanctuary complex placed on UNESCO List, enormous Lichen – found their place in the itineraries for pilgrims coming to Poland from all over the world.

Krakow and Malopolska were home to one of the most important man of our times – Karol Wojtyla – the later pope John Paul II. He lived and worked there as a child, student, priest, bishop and Archbishop of Krakow. Zakopane and Tatra Mountains were his favourite place for trekking and hiking during Summer and skiing in Winter. He always underlined that Krakow remained the city of his life.
We are proud of Polish saints of 20th century :
John Paul II, father Maximilian Kolbe, sister Faustyna Kowalska, father Jerzy Popieluszko. Pilgrimage programs following the traces of John Paul II and traces of sister Faustina became a leading ones for pilgrims coming from other catholic countries : Italy, Spain or Portugal.
Some pilgrimage programs proposals can be linked to the calendar of religious holidays ( Easter, Palm Sunday, Corpus Christi Procession, All Saints’ Day, Christmas Eve ) and give the opportunity to join participation in the culminating events: solemn liturgy and prayers.

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