Masuria Lake District

Masuria Lake District

Mazury and Warmia, the two historical regions in the north-east Poland, popularly called The Masuria (Mazury) are one of the most attractive tourist and recreational lands in our country. This area was able to protect itself from the ongoing development of urbanization and industry. A varied landscape, a lot of lakes, a significant part of the land covered with forests, numerous nature reserves and natural features of historic importance, rich and interesting historical past, precious architectural monuments and places of historic importance are all proof of the region’s tourist values.

Though the region is often called The Land of a Thousand Lakes, there are many more of them in reality, including about 2000 lakes with the area of more than 1 hectare. It is considered by sailors to be the best place to sail. The big amount of lakes creates favourable conditions to practice all kinds of water sports: sailing, windsurfing and canoeing.

The biggest city on the route, in the centre of the Land of Great Masurian Lakes is Giżycko, a city with 30 thousand inhabitants. There are 9 marinas in the city, few beaches and places for fishing. A part of the city is located on a so called island, cut off by Łuczyński, Piękna Góra and Wilkaski canals.

Mikołajki – a town called by poets “the Masurian Pearl” is located on the Masurian Lake route between Mikołajskie and Tałty Lake and is very popular and acknowledged by tourists from the country as well as from abroad.

Mrągowo – a settlement created by a wooden crusaders’ watchtower from the middle of the 14th century, located within the forests and lakes of The Mrągowskie Lake District (Pojezierze Mrągowskie). It is amongst the most visited cities in the Warmia and Mazury region.

Ryn – a city situated by two lakes Ryńskie and Ołów. Right in the centre there is a post crusaders castle, built about the year 1337 AD. It is a perfect place for those, who want to escape from the noise of the big cities and at the same time it is a perfect place for an active rest.

Jeziorowskie – removed 15km from Giżycko and within the same distance from Węgorzewo, each year the village attracts crowds of tourists that crave peace and rest. It is situated by Goładpiwo Lake – one of the cleanest and clearest in the Masuria region. The nearby Borecka Forest is a living encyclopedia of Polish nature. Here European bisons, wolves, lynxs and a lot of other animals and fowl have found there place.

Stare Jabłonki – a small town by the Szeląg Lake located in the Sosna Taborska Nature Reserve. It is one of those charming places in Poland where nature itself encourages to try all forms of tourism and an active rest no matter the weather.

Wilkasy – a small town for leisure established in the 16th century, surrounded by the forests, 4km from the central Masurian city of Giżycko, by Niegocin Lake. The natural environment, accessibility of sport facilities (tennis courts, sport courts and pitches, a harbour with pleasure craft, a horse riding centre) guarantee staying in touch with nature and offer a perfect relaxation.

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