Season’s Offers

Some special programs proposals can be linked to the seasons’ calendar and holidays ( Easter, Palm Sunday, Corpus Christi Procession, Christmas Eve ) and give the opportunity to spend this special time in Poland and participate in special events, feel the authentic, festive atmosphere and taste a local specialities characteristic for each season and region of Poland .
Especially Christmas and Advent – is a very special time in Poland. After 4 weeks of preparations during Advent time the culmination point for all Poles is a Christmas Eve dinner on 24 December. When the first star lights up the sky the most magic night begins for all of us. Whole family meets at the table to celebrate a Christmas Eve dinner starting from sharing a Christmas wafer, tasting a special Christmas dishes, singing carrols at the Christmas Tree and finally finding the presents under the Christmas Tree. Typical menu is still meatless, based traditionally on cabbage, mushrooms, fish and poppy seed ( carp in jelly, herrings in oil, dumplings with cabbage and wild mushrooms, clear beetroot soup or mushroom soup, poppy seed cake, kutia, noodles with poppy seed, honey and delicaties etc )

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