Castles and Palaces

During ages, after a war turbulences preserved and restored castles and palaces in Poland became a leading heritage of the country. Now they houses museums, cultural centres or luxury hotels and restaurants. Visiting castles and palace is a facinating journey across the history of Poland, its past and present. Old Towns of Polish cities fascinate by colorful town houses and medieveal urban plans . The tours allows to learn about the diversity of Polish architecture – from medieval times thru Renasisance, Baroque and Art Nouveau times to modern architecture of present times.
Some of palaces and castles in Poland preserved or restored after WWII now operates as a luxury hotels with SPA facilities ready to host individual clients , groups and a spectacular events. So plan your holiday with a bit of magic and stay in a castle or palace. Such places located in a breathtaking areas offer a standard comparable to the reputed hotels. They provide a unique altenative to those who love history and special atmosphere.

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