Youth offer

 Poland is a country where traditional values such as family and children have always been very important. Also school and university education has always been highly valued.
It’s been more than a quarter of century of regime change and over a decade of Polish accession to the European Union. Since that time we have noted a lot of new opportunities in all areas of life – work, education, leisure etc.
The world is evolving – there are more and more achievements in the IT industry, technology, industry – all of them fully enjoyed by the Polish young people.
We invite you to Poland to discover the way of life and worldview of contemporary Polish young people, to visit universities, talk and exchange experiences with Polish young people, let them show you the local atmosphere.
For those interested in various technical visits – we organize meetings with the representatives of various professions (law, architecture, industry, agricultural economy, health care, economy, history, politics, education, etc.), visiting industrial, commercial, agricultural companies, schools, orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.
For youth groups we offer a variety of accommodation – from economic hostels up to 3-4 star hotels offering a special prices for youth travel.

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