Jewish Heritage Tours

History of Jews in Poland – according to the historical sources the first Jews were merchants who came to Poland in 10th century. From 11 to 17th centuries Jews arriving to Poland were escaping from persecution from West European countries and created at that time the largest Jewish community in Europe. In the seventeenth century Poland was inhabited by 350-500 thousand Jews, reaching over 3 millions in the beginning of 20th c. During World War II Poland was a place of extermination of the Jews from Poland and Europe. During the organized campaign to murder the Jews known as the Holocaust more than 90% of Polish Jews were killed. After the war, many of 180-240 thousand survivors decided to emigrate from the communist Polish to Israel, United States and South America.
fter years of the presence of Jews in the Polish lands many monuments of Jewish culture have been left becoming the tourist destination for visitors of Jewish origin. We can offer them different, tailor made programs : standard Jewish routes, Holocaust trail, roots searching programs, exchange programs for youth etc. Famous Jews born in Poland, synagogues, Jewish cemeteries, Jewish museums and theatres, former Nazi concentration and extermination camps – museums are the important part of Polish heritage. The newly opened Museum of the History of Polish Jews is called POLIN – the name of Poland in Yiddish and Hebrew which is translated into :“ you will rest here“ and present one thousand years of the history of Polish Jews.

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